Does Applying BioGME Technology control soil salinity?

BioGME technology can be applied in most problem soils due to its soil amendment properties. Oseal C5 and Stina 400 solutions with increasing soil CEC and because of their specific properties Reduce salinity around the plant root.

What can be done to enrich the poor soils?

BioGME compost is used to increase soil organic matter and improve soil structure. The compost, while containing adequate amounts of NPK and other micronutrients, is free from unpleasant odor and insect larvae and increasing the soil water holding capacity up to 5 times of its own weight.

What should be done instead of using poultry manure and livestock manure to prevent soil contamination?

BioGME compost is a good solution for replacing livestock and poultry manure, that is free of contamination and has a proper carbon to nitrogen ratio. Poultry manure due to its high nitrate content and livestock manure due to high ammonia content and insect larvae, causing soil contamination.

Do BioGME products also have the role of humic acid?

Liquid BioGME contains amino and humic acids and fulvic acid too.

What is the dosage and direction of Sisanol K800?
Can BioGME products be used to reduce ammonia in fish-culture ponds?

Yes, applying BioGME technology in fish-culture ponds due to its photocatalytic performance converts ammonia into ammonium, nitrite and nitrate very quickly and its negative effect is eliminated.

Does the use of BioGME products eliminate sludge in Aquaculture ponds?

Yes, BioGME technology prevents the formation of sludge and also removes and degrades pond sludge by activating bio-cycles, and so the lowest sludge volume is found in the pond at the end of the culture period.

Is BioGME technology used only for earthen ponds?

No, BioGME technology is applicable to all aquatic ecosystems based on conditions. This technology is used in warm water fish farming earthen ponds, cold water fish farming ponds, shrimp farming ponds, sturgeon and ornamental fish farming ponds.

What is the role of BioGME technology in reducing water turbidity?

BioGME products, because of their special properties, cause the suspended particles in the water to stick together and, by physical properties, accumulate at the pond side. This will make the water clear and the light will penetrate deeper.

What does natural food in earthen ponds mean and what is the BioGME role in producing this natural food?

Natural food in aquaculture ponds contains beneficial phytoplankton, zooplankton, and other larger organisms that the aquatic can feed on them in addition to the daily feed of the pond. In BioGME technology, by controlling the appropriate ratios of the elements and creating the right conditions, the pond water will be enriched in natural food.

1- Is BioGME technology capable of treating livestock husbandry wastewater?

Yes, this technology treats livestock husbandry wastewater, that contain large amounts of organic matter and releasing these substances into the environment creates many problems, so that this treated wastewater can be used for irrigation in the agricultural sector or discharged without environmental prohibition in nature.

2- What is the Special Ability and Differentiation of BioGME Technology in Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

This technology oxidizes and removes color and many of the toxic and resistant organic compounds present in industrial wastewater of factories and industries that cannot be eliminated by conventional methods, by its advanced and powerful oxidation processes.

3- What is the usage of BioGME technology in urban wastewater treatment plants, which operate on the basis of activated sludge and biological treatment?

BioGME bioremediation technology improves the biological treatment process by modifying the process conditions of defective activated sludge and reviving it.

4- What is the application of BioGME technology in the supplementary treatment of wastewater treatment plant?

This technology prepares treated wastewater for reuse in industry or irrigation of urban and agricultural greenery by organic matter oxidation and removing paint and harmful microorganisms from wastewater and also disinfecting it.