Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Nano Vahed Sanat Persia (BioGME Technology Originator), (founded in 2008) is a knowledge-based Iranian company, located in Isfahan Science and Technology town, which by building upon skilled personnel and committed researchers has managed to take a particular position in the area of nano-biotechnology transfer and diffusion in the world.  By applying modern knowledge, the company has successfully developed innovative products and methods to enhance water, soil and air treatment, to create added value in agriculture, aquaculture, environment and energy Industries.

In 2009, Nano Vahed Sanat Persia by setting up a factory to produce BioGME and basic products has accomplished to manufacture and provide solutions based on semiconductor, Amino Acids and Organic material (named BioGME family products), nano-ceramic coatings and nano-filters. Now BioGME compost is produced in 5 factories under license of Nano Vahed Sanat Pers

The company has been received several national and international honors, including; ASPA (Asian Science Park Association) excellence prize for developing sustainable agricultural solution (20013), Rank first entrepreneur company in Iran(2010), Rank first technopreneur(2010)  and the leading knowledge based company in Iran(2011).

The R & D and technology department of the company has succeeded in concluding joint research contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and Iran Environment Department in the company technology activities field.

:Fields of Activity
The main focus of the company’s activity is to provide modern methods and products for the sustainable water, soil and air treatment in agriculture, environment and energy industries based on Nano Biotechnology, which can be categorized as follow:
BioGME  Bio Membrane Reactor Technology Transfer and Diffusion •
Producing Water, Soil and Air treatment products for Sustainable Development •
Targeted Interdisciplinary Research in Agriculture and Aquaculture, Environment and Energy •

The company Management continues to move forward with the belief in creating sustainable economic growth with the slogan “Wealth Building in Sustainable Development”, while creating added value and competitiveness in the industry, environment protection and ensuring customer satisfaction.