BioGME Technology in Water Treatment

BioGME Technology in Water Treatment

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BioGME Technology in Water Treatmen

BioGME technology in water and waste water treatment is a method of accelerated bioremediation which with the help of sunlight, accelerating breakdown of organic matter into simple materials. This method applies BioGME solutions with the brand name Oseal SR + and Stina SR-, which act as an accelerator in the biological cycles processes in water.

This technology is based on a hybrid electrochemical bioremediation technique that has three elements: photo-catalyst, electrolyte (for electron to electron-acceptor diffusion) and prebiotic (for biological replication and acceleration). The electrolyte properties of these solutions cause the separation of oil and plankton and large particles.

BioGME technology can be applied and promoted in conventional urban, industrial, agricultural and livestock wastewater treatment and also is applicable in wetland water treatment.

The technology can be used to upgrade activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. In this case, the formation of bioflocks is faster and better through nucleation and electrical absorption, and significantly accelerates the treatment process.

BioGME Technology Advantages in Water Treatment: